About DotKate

DotKate is Kate deLima.  That’s me.

Happy about the brunch I was about to eat.  Sept 2017.  Photo credit: D, of course.

I’m a working mom — half of a Two Income and Outnumbered by Kids couple with D, husband and father extraordinaire.  We live in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts with daughter M (born October 2013) and girl-boy twins A and H (born November 2017).

Nov 2017. Photo credit: sister J.

We also have a dog and a cat, Lucy and Amelia.  Lucy has recently made clear her love for baby formula, which drips all over her head while she enthusiastically laps from bottles we load in the dishwasher.

The best photo I managed to capture of Lucy with formula drips on the ol’ schnoz. Dec 2017.

Some things I love and that you may see in my posts, other than family, friends, world peace, yada yada:

  • home cooking
  • eating — both at home and out and about
  • musical theater
  • using organization to tame my tendency to accumulate stuff
  • teaching
  • creativity
  • math
  • grammar

Thanks for dropping by.  Please make yourself at home!